Following is a list of our major awards.

We have been very fortunate to have customers with dreams, designers with vision, trade partners with skill, and some great carpenters on staff. As such, we are grateful for the privilege of doing these kinds of projects and working with the people that bring them together.

  • 2019 Contractor Of The Year Gold Award –
    Awarded as Gold Winner for Entire House Renovation $250,000 to $750,000.
    These homeowners were eager to re-create the interior to match their priorities, shich included updating energy management. This required a strong design and healthy collaboration among the owners, architect, builder, and trade partners. We kept the bones intact and played up the modern split-level characteristics with one of the results being a dramatic front entry. Indoors, the plan was opened up and re-invented with exquisite and durable details and finishes. This team effort resulted in “a sanctuary” say the owners, “a home that puts smiles on our faces just thinking about it.”
  • 2017 Remodeler Of Merit Award –
    Awarded for Interior Under $200,000.
    This is our 5th time winning a ROMA Award. This local award means a great deal to us. We are especially pleased with this project and how it demonstrates what can be accomplished in improving a living space without impacting the structure. As with every award we receive, this one is reflection on the competence of our trade partners, design excellence, our employees, and a great customer!
    Designer: Eric Odor; SALA Architects
  • 2014 Remodeler Of Merit Award –
    Awarded for Special: Outdoor Under $150,000.
    This is our 4th ROMA Award. As proud as we are of this accomplishment we are indebted to those who really make it possible – our trade partners, a great architect, our great staff and carpenters, and a customer that is great to work with. This local award serves to confirm our ability to achieve our customers’ goals.
    Designer: David Wagner; SALA Architects
  • 2013 Contractor of The Year Award –
    Awarded for Exterior Residential Specialty.
    This COTY Award really exemplifies how a creative solution with great design and craftspeople can create a unique result. Our thanks, as always, to our trade partners and suppliers, and to our customer.
  • 2013 Remodeler Of Merit Award –
    Awarded for Kitchens, $50,001-$75,000.
    Our thanks once again to our trade partners and suppliers, and to our customer.
    Designer: Bryan Meyer, M.A. Architecture
    Interior Designer: Roche/Blodgett, Showcase Renovations, Inc.
  • 2012 Contractor Of The Year Award –
    Awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Residential Kitchens $60,001-$75,000.
    Showcase Renovation Inc. is proud of this award and glad to have been chosen to do the work on this historic home. Our thanks to Bryan Meyer of M.A. Architecture, our trade partners and suppliers, and especially our customer.
  • 2012 Contractor Of The Year Honorable Mention –
    Showcase is also proud to receive HONORABLE MENTION in the 2012 COTY Residential Exterior category. It’s not often a company receives recognition in two categories. Appreciation and thanks to Matt Kruntorad of Meyer, Scherer, and Rockcastle Ltd for his design on this project. Special thanks to our clients who trusted us to build their dream!
  • 2011 Chrysalis Award –
    Midwest Winner For Best Residential Exterior Over $100,000
    Showcase Renovation is proud to continually bring award winning quality and design results to its remodeling customers in the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We thank all of our superb staff and sub-contractors that make these awards possible.
  • Winner 2010 Remodeler Of Merit Award –
    This is the second year in a row that we receive a ROMA Award. Our appreciation goes out to all of our partners that make it possible to maintain the high levels of quality and performance required to win this award in consecutive years.
  • 2010 Chrysalis Award –
    Midwest Co-Winner Best Green Remodeling Project Over $250,000. Showcase continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and sustainability with this win.
  • Winner 2009 Contractor Of The Year Award –
    Residential Exterior Category
    Showcase Renovation received this COTY award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry MN (NARI MN) for 2009.   
  • National Winner 2009 Remodeling Magazine’s Grand Award –
    Showcase Renovation is proud to be the recipient of the Grand Award from Remodeling Magazine’s Design Awards for 2009 in the ‘Green Remodeling’ over $250K category. Visit Remodeling Magazine to read more about the project that won this prestigious national award.
  • Minnesota State Fair 2008 and 2009 Eco House General Contractor –
    An honor to be chosen as the General Contractor with carpentry by our sister company; Showcase Carpentry, Inc.
  • Winner 2009 Remodeler Of Merit Award –
    The ROMA Award is the most coveted honor a local remodeler can earn. It honors excellence in design, construction and value.
  • Winner 2008 Excellence In Building Green Award –
    This project won the first ever Excellence In Building Green Award from BATC. This project was also awarded a Silver Rating by Minnesota GreenStar.