Unique High End Deck In Eagan

This is a unique high end deck we built in Eagan in 2021. It reflects high end design, high end products, and high end carpentry.

high end deck post and beam
Some of the key products:
Beams and posts use Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber made into glulams.
Decking is thermally modified (strength, stability, lasting) and locally sourced Ash (sustainability).
high end deck post and beam
Pergola and Fascias are made from AYE Cedar.
Railings are aluminum framed stanchions with stainless steel cable railings.
Structural plates connecting posts to footings are ½” x 8” galvanized steel plates 3” galvanized steel tubes.

You can view its slideshow here and learn the complete story on it’s project page.

In the end, this was a great project and shows well. We hope you like it!

Lifting a House for Foundation Removal and Replacement

Lifting a house to replace the foundation – see the full story HERE

Some benefits of replacing a foundation:

  • Proper waterproofing
  • Adequate insulation
  • New drain tile
  • Ease of mechanical system replacement
  • Improved wiring and piping
  • Finished space with egress windows

This 1920’s farmhouse had a limestone foundation that would have to go.

Lifting the home around 18” provided space to replace mechanicals. Interestingly we discovered that the southern 25% of the home wasn’t even on a foundation or frost footings! This was the kitchen area. Soon to be fixed!

The house was lowered onto the new foundation and now level. Time to fix the drywall/plaster cracks and doors and windows that needed adjusting.

A waterproofed foundation
Proper insulation
Working drain-tile
Mechanical systems
Wiring and piping
Egress windows
A much better working stairway
It was a great project. To read more click HERE
If you have a challenging remodeling project contact us!

Underpinning a Foundation for a Basement

Foundation Underpin

Recently we have had more and more requests for underpinning a foundation to add space to a home.
To learn more about underpinning a foundation visit our featured underpinnings page.
Here are a couple pics that show what can be required and what results can be achieved.

Underpinning excavation taking place

Underpinning excavation taking place

Egress window in unfinished but brand new basement.

Egress window in unfinished but brand new basement.

Shoring up walls and forms for underpinning a foundation.

Shoring up walls and forms for underpinning a foundation.

Fresh living space created by being able to underpin the foundation.

Fresh living space created by being able to underpin the foundation.

Large egress window in a spare bedroom created by underpinning the foundation and finishing the basement.

Large egress window in a spare bedroom created by underpinning the foundation and finishing the basement.

Hallway in finished basement after an underpin of the foundation to create a finished basement.

Hallway in finished basement after an underpin of the foundation to create beautiful living space.

2019 Contractor of The Year Gold Award Winner

Showcase Renovations is the proud recipient of the 2019 CotY Gold Award Winner for Entire House Renovation $250,000 to $750,000.

We are appreciative of our client, our trade partners, and David Wagner of SALA Architects. Their fine work and ideas made this award possible.

You can see more images from this project in its portfolio and see some of the features that make this an award winner on its project page.

Showcase Renovations in Homes By Architects Tour

Showcase Renovations is pleased to have 3 projects featured in this year’s Homes By Architects Tour!

hbat logo

Please visit our 3 projects in the 2018 Homes By Architects Tour. When your project demands the highest levels of quality and competence it’s important to hire a design/build contractor that can meet your goals.

At Showcase we collaborate with inspired architects and skilled trade partners to achieve great results for our clients.

Tickets can be purchased at the AIA Minnesota website by clicking HERE.

Here are the three projects represented in this year’s tour:

Attention Getting Bryn Mawr Bungalow Kitchen Remodel

This Sunday the Star Tribune’s Home section featured a project designed by architect Bryan Anderson of SALA Architects and built by Showcase Renovations. We are always thrilled to see the projects we work on get attention like this. We have been very fortunate to work with architects of Bryan’s ability and vision as well as others at SALA Architects. Have a look at pictures of the finished project on its portfolio page here.

These before and after images can give you an idea of the dramatic difference that was made in this project.

Bath and Bar Photos

Previously (two blog posts and a home show ago) we touched base on the idea that smaller projects can add tremendous value. Not only do smaller projects add monetary value their most important effect can be greatly increased enjoyment and convenience in how you live in your home.

We have two images here. First is the bathroom we updated. The corner cabinet and vanity are beautiful examples of basic areas you can add elegance with function. Including a composite top with vessel sink and fixture. Note that you can see the new shower surround, glass shower door and fixture in the vanity mirror! Quite an improvement in a main floor bath that both guests and families use.

Our second photo from that project is of a wet bar that was once a laundry room! We moved the laundry room upstairs, a much needed event and in its place on the main floor we added this wet bar. All ready for events of its own!

These kinds of changes aren’t major projects but add a great deal to the enjoyment and functionality of living in your home.

Call Showcase when you want to improve how your home works for you!

Home Show Reminder!

Just a friendly reminder to stop by our booth at the Home Improvement and Design Expo on March 19th at the Maple Grove Community Center!

Stop by and say hello to us in Booth #31 in the Lower Level!

This is a great show for the northwest metro area and for any home improvement enthusiasts! This is the premier home show in Maple Grove!

Find out what what’s new and start planning your summer projects. Bring your ideas and blueprints!

Where: 12951 Weaver Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN 55369
When: Saturday, March 19, 2016 | 10am until 5pm


Smaller Projects Still Add Tremendous Value

With spring right around the corner it is the perfect time to check off some of the remodeling to-do’s on your list. Even some of our recent smaller projects, made a huge difference for their homeowners. Here are just a few examples:

Recently we kicked off a project on a home right off of Lake Calhoun—this is a beautiful area to stroll around and we wanted the homeowners to be proud of their new updates. Here are some of the items we worked on:

  • We spray foamed the ductwork in one of the crawl spaces to improve energy efficiency. This is a great way to save on utility costs and be environmentally friendly.
  • Wood paneling is becoming a bit outdated—we removed interior paneling from a few rooms and repainted with sleek new colors. Going along with our touch ups, we also painted all of the stained woodwork white to match the new look.
  • Bathrooms are the perfect place to focus your plans—we gave the main level bathroom a serious upgrade with a new vanity and medicine cabinet.
  • Adding to the list, we also replaced the washer dryer area with new cabinetry and a wet bar.
  • An easy way to make big visual impact—we changed some of the rooms by either adding a wall or shrinking an existing opening. The best part? Nothing involved with this was structural, but the results dramatically changed the look and feel.
  • Lastly, we “pickled” the wood siding on the walls in the upstairs loft and repainted the beams. This is a great way to create a warm and modern environment.

Also in Minneapolis, we recently worked on a smaller scale project off of Dean Parkway and were delighted with the results. Here’s a look at what we did:

  • Wood ceiling beams were added to the living room—this was the perfect way to update the appearance of an everyday room.
  • Cabinets are also an effective way to update the look of a kitchen—we added a new pantry cabinet, remodeled a base cabinet into a recycling center, and worked on another cabinet by turning half of the space under the sink into a pull out garbage bin.

Smaller projects in your home can be a great alternative to a total overhaul. We would love to help out with all of your needs—both big and small!

Maple Grove Home Improvement and Design Expo!

March 19, 2016
Maple Grove Community Center, Maple Grove

Attention all home improvement enthusiasts! The Home Improvement and Design Expo returns to Maple Grove Community Center on Saturday, March 19th for the premier home show in Maple Grove!

Spring is the time to start planning your summer projects, so come on down and bring your ideas and blueprints!

Where: 12951 Weaver Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN 55369
When: Saturday, March 19, 2016 | 10am until 5pm