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Unique High End Deck In Eagan

This is a unique high end deck we built in Eagan in 2021. It reflects high end design, high end products, and high end carpentry.

high end deck post and beam
Some of the key products:
Beams and posts use Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber made into glulams.
Decking is thermally modified (strength, stability, lasting) and locally sourced Ash (sustainability).
high end deck post and beam
Pergola and Fascias are made from AYE Cedar.
Railings are aluminum framed stanchions with stainless steel cable railings.
Structural plates connecting posts to footings are ½” x 8” galvanized steel plates 3” galvanized steel tubes.

You can view its slideshow here and learn the complete story on it’s project page.

In the end, this was a great project and shows well. We hope you like it!

Lifting a House for Foundation Removal and Replacement

Lifting a house to replace the foundation – see the full story HERE

Some benefits of replacing a foundation:

  • Proper waterproofing
  • Adequate insulation
  • New drain tile
  • Ease of mechanical system replacement
  • Improved wiring and piping
  • Finished space with egress windows

This 1920’s farmhouse had a limestone foundation that would have to go.

Lifting the home around 18” provided space to replace mechanicals. Interestingly we discovered that the southern 25% of the home wasn’t even on a foundation or frost footings! This was the kitchen area. Soon to be fixed!

The house was lowered onto the new foundation and now level. Time to fix the drywall/plaster cracks and doors and windows that needed adjusting.

A waterproofed foundation
Proper insulation
Working drain-tile
Mechanical systems
Wiring and piping
Egress windows
A much better working stairway
It was a great project. To read more click HERE
If you have a challenging remodeling project contact us!

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